Commercial Multi-Function & Plan Printer Range

Commercial Multi-Function & Plan Printer Range

We guarantee you won’t believe the price of our quality branded products!

We receive a constant supply of quality Commercial Multi-Function Printers from trusted suppliers. But it’s not just the price that will surprise you. We have our fully trained technicians service each copier ensuring it’s as good as new before it starts its new life in your business. This, coupled with a low-cost Service Contract means your copier is completely covered and trouble-free because we take care of the maintenance for the duration of your contract. 

Quality products, excellent service and great prices, what’s not to love?

PLEASE NOTE : Alternative Rental Terms are available upon request

Got an old copier in the corner gathering dust because you don’t know how to dispose of it?

We might be able to help. We often recycle them by sending them overseas to be used in third world countries as opposed to going to landfill.